Portobello burger Asian style

February 21, 2015

One of the seldom occasions when I eat bread products happens together with a hot soup or just with tomatoes on top. Or when having a burger. A vegan portobello burger to be specific.

Vegan portobello burger Asian style The huge portobello mushroom is really perfect to use as a meat substitute. It is pretty big, round and has a “meaty” consistence. Also its taste is totally adjustable depending on the seasoning. I have always been more of a “salad person”, not a “burger one”, but since I discovered portobello mushrooms I am getting into liking burgers. And as I also happen to love Asian food, this Asian Portobello Burger appeared to be a pretty great idea.

portobello mushrooms


The beautiful thing about this burger?


1. Preapare the peanut sauce

2. Chop the veggies

3. Fry the mushrooms

4. Arrange


Isn’t it beautiful?!

Asian portobello burger

The way I see it, burgers are a pretty straight forward food. And so it this post. Make it, eat it, enjoy it.

And here comes the recipe.


Ingredients: (2 pers.)


Peanut sauce

4 heaped tbsp peanut butter

4 tbsp lime juice

3 tbsp soya sauce

1 tbsp agave (or coconut sugar)

ca 3-4 tbsp water  (for asdjusting the consistency if too thick)



6 portobello mushrooms

2 chives (cut diagonally in long stripes)

1/2 cucumber (I sliced them with a veggie peeler in long stripes, but you can just chop them in slices)

2 avocados(cut in slices)

1/2 chili pepper (cut in slices)

1/4 head red cabbage (chopped thinly or shredded)

head full of cilantro for decoration


3 middle sized (ca 15 cm) ciabattas or any other bread you like

ca 3 tbsp plant oil and 2 tbsp sesame oil for frying

Sriracha sauce for seasoning the mushrooms



1. PEANUT SAUCE comes first. Blend all the ingredients in a bowl and set aside. If the consistency is too thick add spoon by spoon some water for making it thinner.

2. VEGGIES. Chop or slice all of them and set aside.

3. PORTOBELLO MUSHROOMS. Clean under running water and dry with kitchen paper. Cover with a little sriracha sauce on each side. In a frying pan make the oil and sesame oil hot. Fry the mushrooms on each side ca 3 minutes, or until they get a nice color.


4. ARRANGE. Cut in two your ciabattas. Cover in peanut sauce. Arrange on half of the ciabattas in layers the veggies, herbs and mushrooms (2 for each burger). Cover with the other halves of the bread.





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