Chocolate & cardamom milk with nuts and carrots

January 6, 2015

One of the most precious seasons to me when I was a kid was winter (well, this was before I moved to Sweden ;) We would spend the whole day outside playing  in the snow and would get home just when our toes were painfully frozen. I remember I would put my frozen feet on the radiator (not the best idea I learned later on) and our mom would bring us a hot, dark and sweet chocolate milk. The best days ever according to my memory.

healthy vegan chocolate milk

I feel like I haven’t had hot chocolate for ages now! So when last Sunday I went for a long walk in the windy and freezing but sunny Stockholm weather, a hot chocolate milk was THE THING I craved for. But this time in a new vegan, sugar-free and pimped up version!

A thick and nutritious chocolate & cardamom milk with nuts and carrots!

Hot chocolate milk with carrots and cardamom

I don’t know why I am so into carrots recently ( check my other carrot recipe) but I seem to be putting them into a lot of dishes. And so I did here as well. And the idea did not disappoint me, as it turned out to be delicious!


The milk is done in 10 minutes and the carrots and brazil nuts make this chocolate milk so much more nutritious than the over sugared one that you know from your childhood. Which means: guilt free  vegan chocolate milk!

You can skip of course all of this healthy bla bla bla and just drink it for its prettiness! Look below…

chocolate milk with carrots and cardamom



Ingredients: (2-3 cups)

chocolate milk:

400 ml oat milk (or any other milk)

20 cardamom seeds (I peeled out mine from 2 cardamom capsules)

1 heaped tbsp cocoa powder

1 tbsp agave syrup (or any other sweetener)

carrot milk:

100 ml oat milk

10 brazil nuts

1 big carrot (chopped in big chunks)

1 tbsp agave syrup



1. Start with warming up the milk for the chocolate milk first. In a pot warm up slowly milk, cardamom seeds and agave syrup to the point of boiling. Set aside.

2. While warming up the milk prepare the carrot mix. In a blender mix together chopped carrots, brazil nuts, agave syrup and 100 ml cold oat milk to a smooth cream. Add some of the warm milk from the pot if your cream is to thick. The carrot mix is supposed to have a thick smoothie consistency.

This will allow to blend into nice patterns with the thinner chocolate milk added later.

3. Rinse your blender with water and blend in it the warmed up cardamom milk and cocoa powder.

4. Pour in a high glass first one layer of the thick carrot mix. Then use a funnel and pour slowly and on the side of the glass the cocoa milk onto it.

Voila, your warming up, pretty and healthy chocolate milk is ready!

Cardamom spiced chocolate milk



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  • Reply October 24, 2016 at 1:43 PM

    To tell the truth I don’t like the way it look like. Maybe it is tasty, but the look of it is auful. Thanks.

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  • Reply October 10, 2016 at 1:59 AM

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