RAW chocolate pudding with orange jelly

November 16, 2014

This was supposed to be a post about Asian stir and fry. But my guest was of Chinese origin and the pressure was just too much. Nothing to show of. And the dessert turned out SO much better anyway. And let’s face it, every day is a good day for a chocolate treat (don’t even try to trick yourself into something else, thank you). Especially if it’s so healthy!

So there you have it. RAW chocolate pudding with orange jelly.

RAW chocolate pudding with orange jelly topping

Chocolate pudding is the first RAW dessert that I have made and it is unexpectedly easy. And shockingly healthy. Because all there is in there is AVOCADOS (yes, shocking), oat milk, agave syrup (but you could use dates to go even healthier ) and cocoa powder. Plus orange jelly topping, which balances the sweetness and adds some tartness to it.

Raw and vegan chocolate pudding with avocado

Healthy and nutritious vegan and raw chocolate pudding with orange jelly topping

I would say if you are new to raw food and want to start it the proper way, do yourself a favor. Make this feel-good and totally healthy and nutritious dessert! Your body will not stop saying thank you for it (thank you, thank you, thank…, O.K. I got it).

And there will be NO GUILT at all!

The recipe is as easy as it gets, all you’ll need is a blender (I have the cheapest ever and it does the job just great). So if you’re ready for a mind blowing RAW dessert experience, there is a recipe after this pic! IMG_5951




for the pudding

2 avocados

1/2 tsp vanilla powder

4 tbsp agave syrup 

125 ml plant milk (I love oat milk, so this is what I used!)

3 heaped tbsp cocoa powder 


for the orange jelly

125 ml fresh pressed orange juice ( ca 1 big orange)

3 flat tbsp arrow root powder (for thickening the jelly)



1. Chocolate pudding: In your blender blend first avocados with vanilla, agave syrup and oat milk. Then add the cocoa. You might need to stop and scrap down the pudding every few turns of the blender as it gets pretty thick. You can adjust with more or less oat milk or syrup if needed. All depends on your preferences (and your blender).

2. Orange jelly: Put the freshly pressed orange juice in a pot. As soon as it cooks strain arrow root powder into it, while stirring it in with a whisk. Lower the temperature and let simmer for a minute or two until the orange juice starts getting thicker. Set aside. The orange juice will turn even more into jelly when it cools down.

3. Arrange the chocolate pudding and orange jelly in a bowl or glass. Garnish with mint leaves for prettiness ;)Now the treat is done and can be enjoyed! You can thank me later ;)

Orange jelly on top of raw and vegan chocolate pudding

If this is the first time you have tried an avocado in a dessert, it might have been a pretty unexpected experience. But I am sure it was a good one, or wasn’t it?! :)


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