Buckwheat breakfast with figs & caramelized pecan nuts

October 5, 2014

Weekend time is breakfast time! Those long mornings when you hang around in your pyjamas, stroll around the flat and listen to music with a cup of hot tea in your hand. And have a lovely breakfast. Because weekends are made for nice breakfasts and I am sure you already  know it too.

Since I started eating raw and vegan I discovered plenty of foods that I did not know about. Also some foods got reintroduced to me again. Foods that I remember from my childhood but that are nowadays not enough fashionable anymore. Like buckwheat. Ever eaten buckwheat?

Buckwheat is actually not a wheat, but a fruit seed. And therefore it is GLUTEN FREE. First advantage. It is healthier than rice, wheat or corn, as for example comparing 100 g of buckwheat to 100 g rice, buckwheat has 3 times more calories and 5 times more proteins and fibers! Second advantage. And it is also way healthier for people with diabetes, as it does not raise the sugars in your blood like crazy, but slowly and continuously instead. Now it is already 3 advantages over rice & co. And I am just choosing the ones that I am interested in, there is definitely more:)

The big question is: HOW TO EAT buckwheat?

Well, you can eat it both raw and cooked, depending on your liking, but notice that there are 2 buckwheat options it the shops. One is the natural, unroasted version, that is light green, pale and has almost no smell. The other one is roasted, brown colored and has a nutty and recognizable smell. The second one is also called kasha and because it is roasted it has lost some of his nutrition. If you want to have it 100% raw and 100 % nutritious, go for the package with the unroasted buckwheat.

Buckwheat contains phytic acid, which is not easy digestable for our our bodies. But if you soak the buckwheat overnight or at least 7-8 hours, the indigestable acid gets released out to the water. Then the seeds must be just rinsed carefully and they are ready for enjoying. The soaking also activates all the vital powers of the seeds, that make it want to sprout and grow into a plant. This is the best and most nutritious moment to eat them.

Here before & after the soaking…


So if you are thinking right now “Hm… what’s new out there for breakfast?” here is something that you might not have tried or even considered before. It is easy on your stomach (after the soaking), healthy, sweet and yummy. It is basically RAW if you don’t count in the caramelized pecan nuts. If you want to have it completely raw just leave out the caramelizing part. And now get your hands dirty.


Ingredients (2-3 pers.)


1 cup dry buckwheat

2 bananas

1/2 tsp vanilla powder

3 big figs (cut in chunky pieces)

1 hand full of pecan nuts (walnuts will go great too)

1 tbsp agave syrup (or maple syrup/honey)



1. Soak the seeds overnight or for at least 7-8 hours. Use at least double the amount of water, as the seeds will soak up a lot. The next morning rinse them well for about one minute and let them drain. IMG_4643

2. Peel the bananas and mash them with a fork. Add to the drained buckwheat together with the vanilla powder. Blend all together well.

3. On a heated pan roast the pecan nuts (without oil) until they get some nice color. Than add the agave syrup to it and let it cook for ca 20-30 seconds. Take away from the heat and let the caramel on the nuts get hard and candy like.


Breakfast with buckwheat, figs and sweet pecan nuts

Arrange on the plate with the figs and pour some agave syrup on top. Mmmmmm…. And now enjoy your lovely weekend! <3 Aneta

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