Mango-carrot-turmeric smoothie RAW

August 11, 2014

Recently I had visitors. Vegetarians though, but curious about the raw food diet. On the first morning I fed them with a green  smoothie, on the second day they asked for it themselves. It hit me when my friend said, that this is the most practical breakfast ever. Why? Because you can easily drink it and at the same time do other things. You know, walking your cat or similar. And no mess included. Maybe this is the hidden reason why I love smoothies so much ;)

So, back to the smoothie. This version is  very simple as it has just 3 main ingredients and is de-li-cious. Did I forget healthy? Yep, it’s pretty healthy too, thanks to the special ingredient here, the turmeric powder. Not does it just give an amazing sunny yellow color to the smoothie, but it is especially good for your health. It is mostly used in curry dishes but also in some sweet Indian desserts . Turmeric is said to have great anti-inflammatory features and it also detoxes the liver. Besides that it can calm  down your stomach when having troubles with it when drank as a warm “tee” with honey. Tried it. It Worked. But that is another recipe:)

So why not add it to a smoothie? Its taste goes perfectly fine with mango and carrot, and the color it gives to it is just beautiful, so  give it a try.



For 1 HUGE smoothie (or 2 small ones) you will need: 


2 bananas

1 cup of chopped mango (frozen works just as great)

1 carrot 

2 pitted dates

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp cinnamon

1 pinch of salt

ca 1,5 cup of water


Pre-chop the carrots in ca 2 cm pieces and blend in your blender together with the other ingredients.  That’s it. A thick, nutritious, raw and healthy breakfast. Pretty easy, pretty yummy and REALLY, really food for you. If you happen to know any other turmeric use, let me know below, until then: cheers!

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